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Consignor FAQs

How Does Pickup Work? 

  • Pick Up day and time is Monday, Sept 18, 3:30-6pm. 

  • IMPORTANT! If you are unable to pick up your unsold items please make arrangements with someone to pick them up for you. If someone does pick up for you, please be aware that if you have an item that lost its tag, they will probably not recognize it as your item. 

  • Unless there’s a problem, all unsold items will be sorted by consignor number for easy pick-up. Any items marked Donate will not be sorted.

  • Unless there is a problem, checks will be ready to pick up at the same time. If you donate all your unsold items or do not come to pick up, your check will be mailed the following day.

  • Kids Market is not responsible for lost tags or stolen merchandise. However, if you have an item missing please let us know ASAP so we can check to see if it was misplaced. 

DONATING –  Items marked to be donated will have a “D” in the bottom right corner of the tag. Currently our donations are going to Edwards Street, Elijah's Closet, MDCPS, and Hope Clinic. All of the donated items are going back in to our community to help meet needs of those around us. Consider donating; after all, do you really want to take stuff home?

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