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(Consignors Only)


  • Team members get to shop FIRST!

  • Team members get to shop with a smaller crowd (less than 30!)

  • Team members with two 3-hour shifts (6 hours total) EARN 5% more on their sales (75% total).

  • It is fun and rewarding.

  • We welcome and appreciate our team members and could not have our sale without you.


  • Team members may sign up for a max of 2 shifts (total of 6 hours).

  • You must be a consignor to sign up as a team member.

  • All shifts are 3 hours.

  • Consignors who sign up for 2 shifts will EARN 75% of their sales.

    • The presale for team members is Friday, August 16th. Sign up for 2 shifts to shop at 5pm; 1 shift at 6pm.

  • Our shifts fill up FAST, so sign up ASAP.

  • Team Members who help with sorting on Tuesday, August 20th, will be refunded their $10 consignor fee.

  • Please be sure you can fulfill your shift BEFORE you sign up. 

  • If you sign up but are not able to fulfill your commitment, it will be handled as follows. If you shopped during the Team Member sale, you will be assessed a pay-to-shop-early fee of $25 if shopped at 10 am or $50 if shopped at 9 am.  If you did not shop during the early team member sale, no fee will be assessed but another no-show will prevent you from becoming a team member in the future. We can't emphasize enough how much we appreciate and NEED our team members. We do understand that unpreventable emergencies arise and we will work with you to find a solution that is fair for all. 

  • If your schedule changes, you can easily change or remove yourself from the shift you selected. Team Member sign-up will close/lock at 8 am on Tuesday, August 13th


  • Log in and click on Team Member

  • Select 1 or 2 shifts only

  • Click "Add me to the selected shift".  If via phone, click "Select".

  • Click on "Team Member" again to see the times that you have selected.

  • Note: If you want to change your selection, you can easily remove what you have chosen and choose another.  

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