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Prep and Tag

(Videos included at bottom of page)

  • Start by gathering your best items - only things that you would puchase again. See our list of acceptable items. You must consign at least 15 items to get a consignor pass. Maximum item limit is 400 for this sale. 

  • Next, get those items in best "sale ready"condition. Clean all toys, baby equipment, check that batteries are working, wash and iron clothes (the better they look, the better they sell). Verify items are not on CPSC recall list.

  • Next, enter items in the inventory/tagging system. All items must be entered before 8am on Wednesday, February 21. You can print tags after the entry deadline but you can not enter more items or make changes to your items after the deadline.

  • Finally, put tags on your items, put in order by gender and size, and bring them to dropoff. 

ITEM PREP - Some consignors prefer to enter items before prepping, or do simultaneously. Your choice. The videos at the bottom of this page will be helpful. Even if you have consigned before, you might see an easier or preferred way. Please note instructions on tagging guns and shoes. 






CLOTHING - ALL clothing should be hung on hangers. Turn you hanger so it looks like a question mark when you are facing it.    See Video below.

SHOES - Please do NOT put your shoes in ziploc bags unless there is no other way to connect them or if they are especially delicate and could get damaged without the bag protection. Usually you can use yarn, string, or zipties to connect the shoes together. Attach the tag with a safety pin, or put a small piece of packaging tape on the top of the tag, punch a hole through the tape, and secure the tag with string, twine, or any other secure means.  All shoes need to be in VERY GOOD condition and CLEAN.

Books - if combining books in a "set", you could use ziploc bags to combine them. I do not recommend using string or rubberbands to join them as they could easily be removed. Use painter's tape instead of packaging tape if attaching tag directly to the book (packaging tape might tear the book when removed). 

Puzzles - if possible, wrap with saran wrap. 

Baby blankets - Hang across hanger and safety pin to hanger.  Blankets in bags can not be examined by the shoppers and are less likely to sell. 

Baby bibs, burb cloths - shoppers will want to examine. If selling multiple number as a set, safety pin them together and then safety pin the tag to the top one. 

Toys - attach tag with packaging tape, ziptie (holepunch tag), or other secure method. PARTS and PIECES should be placed in ziploc bag with bag then taped and attached securely to the main toy. It's a good idea to write consignor number and item number on the bag in case it gets separated. 



  • Hangers - plastic preferred. Small ones for size 8 and under,

  • White cardstock - can be purchased at Walmart, Target or Office Depot. NO PAPER TAGS!

  • Safety Pins (various sizes). No straight pins, staples, or clothespins.

  • Tape - packaging tape to secure tags to toys and any other item than can not be pinned. Painter's tape for books. Masking tape may work in some situations.

  • Plastic bags - ziploc, etc. Do not tape them if contains item(s)  shoppers will want to inspect. 

  • Tagging gun (optional) - these are great time savers. Tags MUST be placed in seams if using a tagging gun. 

For each item you will need a unique tag with a unique item number. Tags should be printed on WHITE cardstock. Tags with hand-written changes can not be accepted.  IF you need to change a field, select manage inventory, select the item, change it, and reprint the tag.

Category  Pretty self-explanatory; but if you do not see a category that matches your item, choose the closest you find. Also, check the Acceptable Items list in case it's an item we don't accept.

SIZE   Very important to assign correct size to your clothing. Only put items of the same size together in a set or bundle. 

BRAND   Please include it.  If an item loses it's tag, we can search our inventory for it and easily locate it is by searching the brand. Example: There may be 20 blue shirts in boys size 8 in our inventory but only 2 Nike blue shirts in size 8. If we can't find the item with a lost tag in our inventory, we can't sell it, 

DESCRIPTION - OKAY, MOST IMPORTANT. Please, please, give your item a good description. If a tag falls off an item, we can search and find the item in our inventory and replace the tag IF the item has a good description. "Book" or "Shirt" are not helpful. You spend a lot of time tagging your items, right? Take the time to add a good description. At minimum, please put the brand, the color, and what it is (shirt, pants, dress, etc). Also, if it is more than one piece, add 2 pc, 3 pc, etc. Example of a good description: Old Navy brown plaid shirt. Example of a poor description: plaid shirt

PRICE  minimum price is $2.50.  If item is not worth $2,50 put related items of the same size with it, i.e., 2 sleepers, 2 shirts, or make a matching outfit.  

DISCOUNT (Y/N)    If you select yes, this item can be discounted 50% on the last day of the sale. This is usually a good choice for selling more. 

DONATE (Y/N) If you select yes, this item will be donated. It will not be available to pickup at the end of the sale. Donations go to foster care children. Also, if you select this option, the item will automatically be assigned Discount Yes.

Add # items (choose a number)  If you have 2 or more of an item, you can choose to create multiple tags with one entry. The system will automatically assign a unique number to each item.  This is only to be used when the good description of the item applies to all.


Pants should be pinned to the top of a hanger, NOT draped across the hanger.  Pin the pants where the pin goes in the pants and back out through the pants - so they will not fall to one end.  Pants hangers are also acceptable. See Video above.

wrong way to hang pants.jpg


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