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Here’s what you need to know up front as a VALET TAGGER.


Taggers will receive 25-35% of the consignor's sales. If the consignor hangs their items, taggers will receive 25% of the consignor's sales. If the consignor does not have their items hung, taggers will receive 35% of the consignor's sales. Hangers will be provided either by the consignor or Kids Market.


Taggers will receive an additional $10, added to their Valet Tagger check, to cover supply cost. You are in charge of providing safety pins (or barbs for tagging gun), cardstock, and ink. Any other supplies you need like hangers or baggies, you can get from Kids Market. You will be paid 3-5 days after the sale ends.


It is your job to inspect the items to make sure they are acceptable. You will need to hang onto any items that are not acceptable and bring those to Kids Market in a box easily marked “Back to Consignor” with the consignor # on it. You need to have a good place in your house to store these items. Please also make sure you are inspecting these items in good light and not in a basement or garage. You are representing Kid Market Consignment Sale, and we want to treat the consignor, and her items, as fair as possible.


All clothes must be sorted by gender and by size (just as you would for a personal drop off appt.) You can mix consignors items up after everything is tagged....This simply means, if you have 2 orders, and can get the shoes from both consignors in one bin, you can do that. If you want to put all girls' clothing in one bin, you can do that. You will not need a personal drop off appt. You will be able to drop your personal items off when you drop off your Valet ite




Valet Tagger Responsibilities:

  • Picking up the items in Hattiesburg at decided location. Valet Consignors will have 75-200 items. For this sale, we must receive them by March 3 if more than 100 items or March 10, if less than 100 items.

  • Entering/pricing all items. We recommend pricing items 25-30% of retail. The goal is for the items to sell at the best price possible. The consignor will choose whether to donate items. All items will be marked discount unless specified otherwise on the form you receive.

  • -Possibly hanging clothing, depending on how the items were dropped off.

  • Tagging all items

  • Storing the items till the sale.

  • Bringing the items to the sale during drop off, ready to be put out on the sales floor.

  • Taking photos of anything not accepted (for record).

  • Being familiar with all info under the CONSIGN tab on the website so you know exactly what we accept and what we don’t.

  • Filling out the form given you with the order and returning the form at dropoff.


**-As you are inspecting: We don’t accept stains, holes, broken, etc. PERIOD. -You are welcome to text Whitney with any questions you have.


I, Whitney Tramel, and Kids Market, will always stand behind you and your decision on anything you choose to accept/reject etc.


NOTE: BEFORE YOU PRINT TAGS.....double check that things are only marked donate that should be marked donate, and only marked discount that should be marked discount. Double check the contract before you print the tags.

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