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Consignor Guarantee***
Our participation agreement states that Kids Market is not liable for losses. However, if you choose the Consignor Guarantee option, we will pay for losses with the exception of catastrophic events such as fire, tornadoes, etc. Most of our consignors do not choose this option. However, if you are concerned about the loss of your items, this "insurance policy" may give you peace of mind.

This option takes extra time at dropoff and pickup. Therefore, a $20 charge will be added to your registration/consignor fee.

Consignor guarantee is optional. These guidelines must be followed to qualify for the guarantee. 


  • Consignor can have no more than 200 items.

  • Consignor must bring a printed copy of their inventory list to dropoff.

  • Consignor's inventory list must be verified (plan for a longer dropoff time for items to be checked).

  • The inventory list, with any necessary adjustments, must be signed by consignor and left with Kids Market.

  • Consignor must pick up their own items and notify Kids Market during pickup if any item is missing.  Sending someone else to pick up your items will void the guarantee. 


***This guarantee against loss does not apply to loss due to catastrophic events
such as fire, tornadao, or any other unlikely disaster

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